Gyurcsány: One camp, but the flags are individual

Last week on a public forum organised within the framework of the campaign, called "Orbán or Europe? Choose!" in Gyöngyös, Ferenc Gyurcsány, former prime mister and head of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) party highlighted the fact that the standpoints of the opposition parties are as different as the viewpoints represented by politicians of Fidesz and KDNP.

He said that the internal fights must be solved within the parties without the public being aware of it, however the presence of different opinions, meaningful arguments and variegation are necessary as well as the cooperation what would lead the left-wing to get enough voters to change the government and to create a "normal country".

Gyurcsány said that it is time to confront the government with our opinion and it is time that the Hungarian people say they want a new world. According to Ferenc Gyurcsány the above-mentioned facts are true even if "we, Hungarians learnt to get used to thinks what was not always the best for us".

He stated that the campaign slogan of the Democratic Coalition, "Orbán or Europe? Choose!" is a real question of everyday life. The European mentality is something where there is respect for workers, people are not living from one day to another and even if there are discussions, they do not want to kill each other. Based on the statement of the Chairman of DK this is not the case today in Hungary: in the dictionary of the prime minister and the government, "we are good Hungarians if we agree with them." He said that the prime minister does not want Hungarians, he wants Orban-clones, on the contrary one of the conditions of civil existence is the acceptance and the encouragement of variegation.

Gyurcsány said that the politics of bigger countries than Hungary are based on alliances and friends. If Rome, Paris or Berlin are not our allies, Baku or Moscow will be? – he asked.

Orban will leave sooner or later, that is not the question, the real question is what will come after him – he added that the program of DK contains close to 800 concrete proposals for this scenario. At the moment of the election, everybody will have one vote, what could help to achieve the construction of a better Hungary – he said.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 08:55