Gyurcsany's DK welcome MSZP's decision to partially boycott parliament

Csaba Molnár, an MEP and vice-chair of the Democratic Coalition (DK), welcomed MSZP's decision on boycotting several state institutions and stopping availing itself of certain tools at its disposal as an opposition political party (although contrry to DK, its parliamentary delegation will continue to attend parliamentary sessions).

"It's about time the Hungarian Socialist Party admitted that the Orbán government has hollowed out the institution of the National Assembly, which by now only serves as a stage prop for [Prime Minister] Orbán's power," Molnár said. "While we do think that MSZP's decision would be complete if the party boycotted parliament as a whole, we do welcome the party moving in this direction. We owe it to the people to not play democracy with Fidesz on the ruins of the republic."

MSZP's move follows that of the Democratic Coalition, whose MPs have boycotted the National Assembly for a year.

Last Updated on Friday, 13 October 2017 08:13