Those who have never lived in Hungary should not vote, DK says

Holders of Hungarian citizenship who have never lived in Hungary should not be allowed to participate in national elections, the Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Tuesday.

The Democratic Coalition (DK) would like to achieve that those who have never lived in Hungary, should not have the opportunity to vote at the Hungarian elections. At her press conference on Tuesday in Budapest, the vice chairman of the Party declared: rights and obligations should work together and therefore, only those persons should have the right to vote who bear the consequences of it.

Ágnes Vadai alluded to the fact that a Calvinist church was recently built in Szászfenes in Transylvania, the construction of which was subsidized by the Hungarian government. In his speech delivered at the church inauguration ceremony, Viktor Orbán "barely covertly stated" the fact, that the township received money for the construction because in 2014 "the Hungarians in Transylvania voted for Fidesz" and they can expect further monies if they support the present government also next year.

The Democratic Coalition feels it is correct if, at all times, the Hungarian government contributes to the educational, cultural expenses of the cross-border Hungarian communities and to the retention of the national identity of the Hungarians over the border. On the other hand, it is intolerable and unacceptable that Viktor Orbán purchases votes for himself in the neighbouring countries from the taxpayers' money.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, chairman of DK signed the joint agreement of eight opposition parties on the election bill while adding a clause that he still does not agree with the fact that those who do not live in Hungary (or have not lived here in the past years) as their normal residence have the right to vote in Hungarian elections.

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 October 2017 18:33