Almost everyone says no to the socialist offer

Socialists made a peculiar offer or according to them a generous one to enable the left-wing opposition parties to cooperate in the general elections in 2018. The socialist candidate for Prime Minister (PM) Mr. László Botka said that they will contact the democratic opposition parties DK, LMP, Together, Dialogue, Momentum and the Liberals to form a common party list.

As the biggest party of the political left-wing MSZP would only want to receive 50 of the first 100 places on this list. The other 50 places would go to the rest of the cooperating partners. The only problem is that LMP, Momentum and the Together party principally didn't want to cooperate with MSZP and the question is if they were to give up their old position. Head of socialists Mr. Gyula Molnár said that they were not interested in old answers because this is not the old question anymore. He also added that MSZP doesn't have a plan B. Though Mr. Botka didn't openly mention Mr. Gyurcsány's name but he said that if he changed his mind on the non-participation of DK head Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány on the common list than he would say it. DK stated that they are looking forward to any further opposition talks about the cooperation which is led in a European and respectful way. They added that there is nothing new about it what Mr. Botka said because they've had heard it all from him before.

According to ruling Fidesz, the opposition is unable to bring about any change, they are the same old party, and they are utterly incapable of renewal. The governing party referred to the socialist leader's statement about the election list. " They are dealing with the same people, who have the power"- a Fidesz MP said.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 October 2017 19:26