MSZP is negotiating with Ferenc Gyurcsány without László Botka

Magyar Nemzet was informed that if there is a discussion on left-wing cooperation between MSZP and the Democratic Coalition (DK), László Botka, the prime ministerial candidate will not be present at the table. Instead, Gyula Molnár, chairman of MSZP and István Hiller, president of Broad of Governors will negotiate with the party of Gyurcsány.

The basis of the negotiations would be the proposal of MSZP, communicated on Monday, which fell flat within a few hours. This proposed a global opposition collaboration in which the seats of the national list are distributed between the parties. According to this plan, the DK would receive the 17% of the seats on a common list, and in the first thirty, five to six DK politicians could be present. On the other hand, Ferenc Gyurcsány is still considered as persona non grata in this club - according to the statements. “I will tell you, if I change my opinion about the political participation of Ferenc Gyurcsány.” – said László Botka, and he quoted an old Székely anecdote. According to Magyar Nemzet's information, Gyula Molnár and István Hiller will suggest to the chairman of DK, that his name should not appear on the list, but he could run in a single-member constituency, namely in the XV district. This is not the first time that this suggestion has been made. The difference now is that the DK could place enough number of deputies in the parliament to create a faction. Until now, the DK was not open to the proposition that its chairman is present only in the single-member constituency. “As we accept the congressional decisions of the hoped allies on the manner of the cooperation, we also ask them to respect the decision of DK made at party elections. Based on this vote, the majority of the members decided not to participate with other parties in the common list, if MSZP wishes to decide on the deputies of the DK – they said.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 October 2017 19:23