Hungarian opposition parties reaction to Merkel's victory

Democratic Coalition (DK) chair and former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány wrote, "Merkel won. With this, Orbán's dreams of a great rebellion were shattered. France and Germany want a stronger European cooperation.

The Hungarian government is on the dramatically opposite path. Sooner or later this tension will be unbearable. Hungary is at a crossroads: Orbán or Europe."

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) said in a statement that it "congratulates German Chancellor Angela Merkel for protecting her leading position in Sunday's election. Angela Merkel was able – for the fourth time – to win the elections as a person who is committed to a united, strong and democratic Europe. MSZP also congratulates our sister party, the SPD, on its good standing, for which it came in second place. The German government and opposition will once again have the kinds of leaders that are openly critical of Viktor Orbán and Fidesz's anti-democratic, anti-European policies."

Szél Bernadett, co-chair of Hungary's green party Politics Can Be Different (LMP), congratulated the German Greens on their election result (the party received 9.1 percent of the vote). "Our sister party achieved a sensational result in today's parliamentary elections," Szél wrote. "They are expected to be coalition partners in the new German federal government. Wherever greens are in government, everyday life is more livable, the economy is stronger and a better life awaits our children. Congratulations, keep it up!"


Last Updated on Monday, 25 September 2017 13:03