DK: Botka’s scenario leads to downfall

The democratic opposition parties negotiated about electoral cooperation and in December 2016 they were very close to an agreement. Then the major of Szeged, Mr. László Botka stood up as socialist candidate for Prime Minister (PM) saying he has the scenario to win.

This scenario means the acceptance of his candidacy, a common party list which reflects his will and a constituencies which are reapported according to his own views. Opposition talks then stopped. Nine months passed by and Mr. Botka couldn't convince a single democratic opposition party of his own views. The final solution is more far away than it was in the end of 2016. If he wouldn't change his mind this scenario will develop into the scenario of downfall. On the main points of their political program the opposition parties agree with each other so that they would be capable of governing together. But the ability to stabile and efficient cooperation will have to be proven. Mr. Botka seems to be unable to build up political unity. His latest speech shows that he knows about his faults but hewouldn't mend them. Not only his party but also others should be won for his vision on the future of Hungary. Someone who is striving to unite a complicated community such as the Hungarian democratic opposition, should be able to construct cooperation. He wouldn't succeed without making a compromise. Though he has not run out of time yet but he is mistaken if he believes that the voters wouldn't punish us for months-long debates instead of showing up a common alternative.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 September 2017 15:49