This is the reason why Karácsony did not participate at the seasonal opening ceremony of the socialists

László Botka introduced his allies to the public last Saturday, but according to Gergely Karácsony a real alliance was not created on the left. However, he likes Botka's program and the idea of a new leftism, according to the leaked news harm the progress and do not promote it. 

Gergely Karácsony, the prime ministerial candidate of the Párbeszéd denied that he would be responsible for the culture in a potential Botka government. Previously, the socialist politicians said that Botka lines up the "new alliances" at the sessional opening ceremony of MSZP. They mentioned that Botka captivated the Hungarian Liberal Party of Gábor Fodor and István Szent-Iványi from the SZDSZ, who would be responsible for the foreign affairs.
Furthermore, at that time the sources confirmed that Gergely Karácsony, mayor of Zugló, the prime ministerial candidate of Párbeszéd will be in charge of cultural affairs.
Karácsony refuted the information of the socialist sources: "It' is not elegant, when I read from the news what task I will oversee. I read that I write the cultural program, which is great but I did not have any information about it. The story ran ahead, it would be great if we would be already there. This is not worthy of us and I participated at the wedding of my best friend but this is a reason that something went wrong."
Then he continued that last week more article were published about what type of announcement the prime ministerial candidate of MSZP would make, but these facts were surprising for him. "Based on the articles, this alliance was created in the past, however this is not the case. We are before the alliance-building, whether it could be created or not." The voters are rightly angry – he added, as we do not have to talk about the alliance, we must make it done.
"He said this is similar to the wife of Columbo, people are only talking about her, but nobody actually knows her. He received invitation for the event, but he did not go. The reason is simple: he participated at the wedding of one of his best friend that is why he did not go to the board meeting of MSZP.
We still have many questions regarding the collaboration. The socialist sources confirmed to that László Botka offered to Ferenc Gyurcsány running at the 15th district, at Rákospalota. But Botka – even if not clearly – refuted this statement at the event. He distanced himself from the former prime minister and he called clumsy and unprincipled the governing before 2010 and he added – probably referring to DK – that there are parties who do not want to withdraw the actual government. We can also see that he has allied from small parties but no one from the DK.
The Democratic Coalition reacted on Botka's speech. They said that the socialist prime ministerial candidate is writing the scenario of the defeat and the defeat of the democratic left wing will be the personal defeat of Botka. According to the party, there are more responsibility laid on the MSZP how it should create alliances based on its size between the left-wing parties.
Ágnes Vadai, the vice-president of DK was also the guest of ATV. She said that any type of scenario is possible but one thing is sure that leftist parties should only field one candidate in each of the 106 constituencies, so she agreed on that with Gergely Karácsony. She said that it is unimaginable that DK go halves regarding the constituencies. She outlined that they are ready to cooperate with anybody, but they do not accept if the other party would like to say from outside with who and how should the party work.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 September 2017 15:46