DK: it is a shame that students were ordered to the border

According to the vice chairman of the Democratic Coalition (DK), students are ordered to the border "to show a crowd for the government campaign", which is a shame. Referring to information from the Independent Police Trade Union, Ágnes Vadai said at her press conference in Budapest on Monday that the full staff on probation period, studying at Miskolci Rendészeti Szakgimnázium (Miskolc Police Academy) was ordered to the border, without any preliminary consultation.

According to the news, the students have received no food or drinks, and no daily allowance either so that they could buy some food for themselves, she added. So far, there were only news according to which the government feeds the policemen and soldiers serving at the border with "inedible hog-wash" but there is space to go even lower, since they send "almost children" to the border, without rights and benefits, she explained. She added: if the reports are true, the students may remain at the border till early January of next year; and it could already be seen last winter, how the government appreciates the Hungarian soldiers and policemen stationed at the border: many of them did not receive a tent or blanket, let alone heated accommodation.

According to DK, the government should ensure that the students deployed shall have the opportunity to study or attend leisure time programs, as they will not have much to do. In fact, lately not a single refugee arrived to the country, and not even "George Soros had been seen nearby, lurking with a flame-cutting device", Ágnes Vadai postulated.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 20:20