Gyurcsány: national cooperation or nothing

The party of Ferenc Gyurcsány excluded the possibility of a separate deal regarding the metropolitan election on Saturday at the opening event of the metropolitan campaign.

At the event, held at Nyugati Railway Station the chairman of Democratic Coalition said: "we need a bigger cooperation than today"; according to him the democratic opposition must agree on the fact that they run only one candidate against Fidesz, in all 106 constituencies.

"Many of them are trying to make separate deals for the constituencies, but it is not an open market, the DK is not willing to do this in any case". Gyurcsány said no to cooperation made only for the capital.

The chairman declared: on the democratic opposition side, the DK cannot be defeated nor evaded. "There is no living man, who would say that the DK will not get any mandate in Parliament!"- stated the former Prime Minister, who believes that the democratic parties are their friends in a political sense, that is the reason why the DK does not want to overcome nor bypass them.

Gyurcsány then sent a message to MSZP again, he said: "the person, who wants to have a say regarding the personal composition of the party, should join the party." Gyurcsány sent a word to László Botka, the prime ministerial candidate of MSZP as well: "the person who cannot integrate the democratic opposition, could not converge the multi-coloured country." On the other hand, the chairman thinks that the present election system is unjust, but it is possible to defeat Fidesz. According to him, if the opposition wing continues to do and act well, it is possible to reduce the support of the Fidesz below 1/3, which means that the opposition parties could get a 2/3 majority, on the other hand if the things go wrong, then the Fidesz could get the 2/3 majority even if his support is less than it was in 2014.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 September 2017 22:44