Botka opens a new front whithin his own party

Socialist Party's prime ministerial candidate László Botka said in an interview published in weekly 168 Óra that he would not tolerate any form of "treason" and collaboration with Fidesz-KDNP. "If we decide on something together and then someone openly criticises this in the press a month later, that constitutes treason", he added. In reaction to Socialist board member Zsolt Molnár's statements at blog site, where Molnár suggested that efforts should be dropped to convince green LMP to cooperate with other parties and that the Socialists should not dispute that Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsány's place is in parliament, Botka said that these remarks are against the Socialists' interests.

He confirmed that 106 joint individual candidates will be needed and a joint list will have to be drawn up. There are two main players in this election, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán standing against democrats who want a change in government. New players will not help the change of government but to keep Orbán in power, he added. "Voters cannot be fooled. If they do not see unity and dedication on the side of the democrats, they will look for something else," he said and added that keeping this responsibility in mind, he is inviting all those wanting change to the negotiating table. He promised to carry on with his policies even if the alliance with other left-wing opposition parties fails.
Taxes will be reduced for everyone earning below 600,000 forints a month if the Socialist Party enter government, Botka said. The tax cut is part of the party's programme to be launched this autumn, he added and confirmed that it also includes the introduction of 13th month pensions. When 96% of the Socialist congress voted in favour of his nomination, his new programme was also accepted by that margin and now constitutes a part of the party's official directive and strategy, Botka said.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 July 2017 18:45