Gov’t office chief admits moves against university also aimed at Soros

Government office chief János Lázár said at last Thursday's press briefing that the April legislation against the Central European University (CEU) was part of the Orbán government's attacks on financier George Soros, the university's founder and patron for his alleged support for uncontrolled migration, reports

Parliament's Fidesz-KDNP majority accepted an amendment to the law on higher education, put forward by expedited legislature, on April 4. The amendment was allegedly aimed to "correct irregularities uncovered at several foreign universities". There was little doubt though that it was made with the intention of shutting down CEU, which had been founded in 1991 by Soros.
The government faced a massive international outcry both in Europe and in the US because of Lex CEU. Still, they kept denying that the amendment was made solely against "Soros's university", even though they have been using the Hungarian-born US financial as a universal bogeyman in their communication for years.
This went on until last week, when the government office chief finally made it clear that CEU was targeted as part of the government rhetoric claiming that Soros wants to "flood Europe with millions of immigrants, thereby endangering Hungary's security". János Lázár insisted that Soros could operate CEU over the years "for all his financial and economic activities, but his immigration policy could not be tolerated." By echoing the usual sentiments against Soros, Lázár also indirectly admitted that Fidesz's leading politicians cited false reasons for several months regarding the legislation concerning CEU.
Source:; All Hungary News

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 20:35