15th District Fidesz delegation fails to initiate disciplinary procedures against mayor

The 15th district council could not assemble a quorum to vote on the initiation of disciplinary procedures against Democratic Coalition (DK) Mayor László Hajdu on Tuesday, reports Hungarian news site Index.hu.

As we reported earlier, Fidesz originally initiated the vote on disciplinary procedures against the mayor because Hajdu rejected to sign contracts about the renovation and reconstruction of two district kindergartens and a nursery that he suspected of corruption and overpricing. Surprisingly the local Fidesz faction managed to win the support of both a Socialist (MSZP) and a Jobbik council member for the initiation.
According to index.hu, although the district council Fidesz-KDNP faction initiated the vote, Fidesz council members absented themselves from yesterday's vote. The MSZP council member Eszter Móricz, who sided with Fidesz on this issue, left the meeting before the actual vote, therefore the general meeting could not form a quorum. Had Móricz stayed, the general assembly most likely would have voted down the disciplinary procedures against the mayor.
After Index.hu revealed the strange cooperation in an earlier article, the Jobbik council member Miklós Bodó decided to stay out of the investigating committee that would have inspected Hajdu's actions.
Although Móricz refuted claims of background bargains with Fidesz, she herself is now facing disciplinary procedures initiated by her own party that could lead to her expulsion from the MSZP thanks to the Socialist prime minister candidate László Botka's strict policy on collaborating with Fidesz.
According to the state news agency's (MTI) report, Móricz addressed the general assembly before she left, saying that the case is not about the mayor personally but the council notary Mónika Lamberth, a former MSZP MP and former Minister of Interior in Ferenc Gyurcsány's government. Móricz said Lamberth is making "preparations for her former boss' return" so that Gyurcsány could become an MP candidate of the constituency in next year's general elections.

Source: Budapestbeacon.com

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