Orban: “Hungary is on Turkey’s side”

"Hungary will stick by its friends and is on Turkey's side", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Ankara at the opening of a Hungarian-Turkish business forum. Hungary's backing of Turkey is not a one-off event but the consequence of a strategy, Orbán said. "Being a conservative country, it is human values that matter.

" "Business is important, but what's most important is that one should have friends," he said. There are some obligations that result from this and Hungary will stick by its friends, "even when this is uncomfortable", he added. "No matter what anti-Turkish manifestations there are in important European countries, Hungary will never join these", but will take Turkey's side, Orbán said.
Turkey is on the edge of Europe and it is protecting what is inside Europe, the prime minister said. Had it not fulfilled this obligation, Europe would have been flooded by many millions of migrants and "we would not be able to handle that", he said. "Turkey deserves respect for this, which we will always give it." He said Turkish businessmen should look to Hungary as "Europe's most secure country". While public safety is deteriorating in Europe, Hungary is "secure and predictable and its taxes are low", Orbán said.
Source: politics.hu

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 July 2017 18:33