Propaganda minister and wife spent a night in luxury hotel in Rome

Propaganda minister Antal Rogán was spotted on the terrace of the five-star Hotel de Russie with his wife and two other people in Rome on Saturday, reports Hungarian news site

The cheapest suite for two on a Friday night costs USD 849.39, but prices could go up to USD 9,123.6 for the most luxurious suites in the elegant hotel in downtown Rome.
The hotel's restaurant, which is open for hotel guests and passersby alike, offers dishes from USD 43.34. However, according to the guest who sent the photo of Rogán to index, the minister spent the night in the Hotel de Russie.
If Rogán's wealth declaration is correct, the couple must have spent their last reserves on the Roman weekend: Rogán has only HUF 446,153 (USD 1,647.64) of reserves in savings deposits while he owes HUF 27.7 million (USD 102,296) to a bank and HUF 18.2 million (USD 67,212.6) to a private person.
Cecilia Rogán, the propaganda minister's spouse, is better off as her company Nakama and Partners, which financed the couple's controversial helicopter flight to a friend's wedding party, turned a profit of HUF 7.7 million (USD 28,436) in 2016.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 July 2017 18:17