Socialist PM candidate Botka received an autumn deadline from his party – they expect him to negotiate with Ferenc Gyurcsány

If László Botka does not achieve the expected results until autumn, he should leave – wrote the left wing Vasárnapi Hírek. At the same time, Ferenc Gyurcsány and his party have started preparations for the election.

The left-wing media grades the results of László Botka, the prime minister candidate of MSZP, up to now as a failure. According to Vasárnapi Hírek, there is a line of fracture between Botka and the MSZP leadership. After the withdrawal of the proposed law regarding the modification of party-financing, many people are afraid that Botka will not be able to carry through the campaign based on his stated position regarding the proposed law. According to sources of the publication, it was debated whether the caucus should stick to his standpoint or not. In the end, they did because a confrontation between the caucus and Botka could weaken the MSZP. On the other hand, the subordination cannot continue forever. According to the polls, support for MSZP has not moved since József Tóbiás left the presidency. The strategy of the prime minister candidate does not seem to be of interest to undecided voters. 'Therefore, more and more people think that if the situation will not change until September or October, Botka and his key people must leave – wrote Vasárnapi Hírek.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 June 2017 19:18