Gábor Scheiring: Schiffer is a Dividing Politician

In his latest blog post entitled "The Price of the Inability to Make Compromises," LMP [Lehet Más a Politika – Politics Can Be Different] party politician Mr Gábor Scheiring stated the following: "After a long–lasting debate, the congress of LMP has decided to adopt a new strategy which clearly declares that it is a priority to build up an independent political force against the overturning of the Orbán government. A strategy that excludes possibilities for all kinds of electoral cooperation, technical coalitions as well as running jointly with others." The post reminds all that in the wake of the party congress – with active participation by eight MPs and three deputies of the Budapest General Assembly – an initiative for the establishment of a new political platform called "Párbeszéd Magyarországért" (Dialogue for Hungary) – has been launched. "Our aim is to go through these debates within our own party [within LMP] regarding the political course that we have to follow if we are to realize our double purpose that we deem important – i.e. building up our own identity and expelling Orbán. There are a number of people not only within the ranks of the party's official members who agree with this double purpose, but – according to surveys – also amongst LMP's voters and amongst people who have a mostly favourable opinion of the party. Almost two-thirds of LMP's current voters identify themselves with this double purpose" – wrote Gábor Scheiring.

The blogger added that there was a slight majority within LMP whose opinion was also important and which had also been validated by a legitimate vote. "The stance represented by [recently re-elected parliamentary caucus leader] Mr András Schiffer is also rational in a way, although I do not agree with it and I also think that it will have negative consequences. A political strategy that is closed to the Left and open to Right might also be relevant these days, however different it is from the one that I wish for, i.e. a stance open both to the Right and to the Left, and one that is based on political programmes and one that so thus does not exclude cooperation with others." Scheiring believes that in a political situation like the one that we have today, where a political community is divided almost equally, it is not a wise decision to elect as parliamentary leader the most dividing personality of the group that enjoys only a slight majority [within the party's parliamentary group]; not even if he is otherwise an excellent political talent.

Scheiring said that basically that was the reason why he as well as other party cheerleaders proposed on Friday's marathon long meeting – when LMP was set to elect a new parliamentary group leader – that the next caucus leader of LMP should come from the group that enjoys a slight majority within the party itself but is in a slight minority within LMP's parliamentary group. "Right to the contrary, we faced an ultimatum whose inflexibility was demonstrated well by the fact that its supporters within the party left the negotiating table when Mr Schiffer failed obtain a majority of the votes even after the second round of voting."

Scheiring opines that this fight has to be closed within a short period of time or the party will suffer irreparable wrongs: the only question is whether it will happen by use of force, or by way of cooperation and mutual agreement. "Just because a political community is open to agreement with others, it does not mean that it must lose its identity. Those, however, whose only method is resorting to the use of force from time to time, will surely lose their allies. The inability to make compromises has a great price. It is not only the unity of LMP that is at stake now, but also the future of our country. As regards me and us, we will surely not hamper the process of making it better" – concluded Mr Scheiring.

Source: Népszabadság

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11